Saturday, February 13, 2010

*Drawings No: 4 by My friend Lynne

Thanks dear Lynne.

*Drawings No:3 by My Friend Nafis.

Thanks dear Nafis.

*Drawing No:2 by My Friend Nadiyah.

Thanks Dear Nadiyah 

*Drawings No:1 by my Friend Anele

Thanks dear Anele

*Blog No:5 Ruins of Djemila

if you would like to know more about Ruins of Djemila(Algeria),this is some links click here:) 

*Blog No:4 NATURE

Some places of My Area...Spring and winter

*Blog No:3 SWEET CAT(S)..

This sweet cat from the Album "My Beloved Pets" f/b of my friend Hanna
Thanks Hanna because you allowed me to put this beautiful cat on my blog:)

*Blog No:2 BIRDS...

This is my bird Smile(Bessam),I took this pic by myself ,but he is not with me any more he is gone in 25/03/2010

*Blog No:1 FLOWERS

My dear friend Lynne: I took these wonderful pictures of flowers ... because, First these pictures deserve appreciation and respect from me. Secondly I love all kinds of flowers ... And it's beauty inspires my thoughts always:)
*Photo taken by:lynne from her Personal Flower Album.
*Created(Compilation of images) by: Ameur